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Adult Bible Studies

Doorways Classes are now available for registration! Please see the events page of our website for details or contact Ruthie Taylor for more information or questions at (803) 318-7484 or For a full description of the classes and to register, click here.

Sunday School Classes

Sunday school is base camp for becoming disciples – establishing a foundation for discovering God, building relationships, and exploring and growing in Christian faith. It’s where faith comes alive through engaging, relevant study and discussion, discipleship is nurtured and strengthened, and close friendships grow.

At Shandon, you’ll find several adult Sunday school classes for all ages and life stages. Classes meet each Sunday from 9:45-10:45 a.m. Some classes are comprised of similar ages and life experiences and others are focused around common interest of topics. The classes are diverse, engaging, and focus on exploring the Bible and relevant, contemporary studies as well as an emphasis on community service and social activities.

Committed Disciples

Couples and Singles, late 30s-40s. Knox Building, 201.

This circle of friends surrounds each other in good and hard times, as they grow together in faith. Fun is high priority and often includes their children. The class also makes time for a variety of service projects.


Singles and Couples, 50s-70s. Knox Building, 204.

A large class that thrives on lively, open-minded discussions and lectures on contemporary issues and short-term topics. Members are supportive in all areas of church life.


Couples and Singles, 40s-80s. Bruner Building, 224.

A Reconciling Ministries Class that welcomes and celebrates human differences such as sexual orientation, socioeconomic condition, and spiritual journey.

George Huggins Upper Room

Couples and Singles, 70s+. Bruner Education Building, Wesley Hall.

Class members regularly participate in mission work including visiting shut-ins and providing food for the Family Shelter. They have once-a-month dinners and other social events, and have a weekly email.


Couples, 30s and 40s. Knox Building, 209.

The Foundation Class seeks to stay actively engaged in studies as well as service projects. As a self-taught large class, they encourage each class member to take part to carry out their mission.


Young Couples, 30s. Knox Building, 205.

Focuses Bible-based studies with relevant messages, service to others, and supporting each other through a strong fellowship community.


Age 70+. Bruner Building, 220.

Putting Jesus first, Others second, and Yourself last is the foundation for this class of mostly “older” professional men and women who strive to exemplify their name.A large class of over 160 members who stay connected with a weekly email, monthly social hour, and seasonal activities.

Path Finders

Couples and Singles, Mid-20s to Late-30s.Knox Building, 214.

Offers young adults and young professionals the opportunity to foster Christian friendships and relationships.

The Vineyard

Singles, Couples, early 30s to 40s. Bruner Building, 221

If you’re searching for a smaller faith community and a fellowship group, join us for this class

Wesley Fellowship

Couples and Singles, 65+. Bruner Building, Bruner 216.
A team of rotating guest teachers gives lectures from the Adult Bible Studies curriculum. They enjoy fellowship, cake and coffee before class.

Lesli Wood

Director of Christian Education and Programs
(803) 722-1043

Ruthie Taylor

Director of Adult Studies
(803) 318-7484